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June 18, 2013

Honorable Martin Schulz

President of the European Parliament

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Mr. President of the European Parliament,

On behalf of The Provisional National Government of Vietnam, we first wish to send our sincere thanks for the steps that you and all the International Community have undertaken these last years (unsuccessfully so far !) with the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (R.S.V.N) to obtain the immediate release of all prisoners who had been fighting for the Rights, Freedom, Democracy and Sovereignty of their country.

To date, the R.S.V.N. is governed by a totalitarian regime with rampant corruption and oppression. This country is governed by barbaric and immoral laws. It counts numerous cases of arbitrary arrest, extortion of confessions by torture, massacre of political prisoners. Practicing one’s religion or simply declaring a political opinion that is not in line with the communist regime leads directly to jail. Numbers of innocent citizens are imprisoned just because they ask for religious freedom, the respect of human rights and democracy.

For over 71 years, R.S.V.N has been mocking the international community by saying that there are no political or religious prisoners, and that human rights are respected. In reality, there are thousands of these prisoners in the R.S.V.N. At the same time, the R.S.V.N has been ceding some land and maritime borders to its powerful neighbor, China. If nothing is done, the current Communist leaders (irresponsible, corrupt and brutal) might be tempted to sell their country, which could become a "colony" of China (somehow like Tibet). This would definitely jeopardize any hope for democracy in Vietnam!
The R.S.V.N. despises your actions. It not only betrayed the Vietnamese nation but continues to flout, permanently, the Convention of Human Rights on Civil and Political Rights (even though it has signed it ...) and to ignore the most basic freedoms: freedom of the press, freedom of expression, religious freedom...

Therefore, we appeal once again to your intervention, which could take the following forms:

- Urge the R.S.V.N. to immediately and unconditionally release  all political prisoners and people imprisoned for religious reasons and, more generally, innocent citizens : Father Thadeus NGUYEN Van Ly, Songwriter VO Minh Tri  (VIET KHANG), Pastor NGUYEN Cong Chinh, Pastor DUONG Kim Khai, Religious rights activist NGUYEN Van Canh, Hoa Hao Buddhist activist NGUYEN Van Lia, Farmers' rights and Hoa Hao Buddhist activist TRAN Thi Thuy, Lawyer CU Huy Ha Vu, Lawyer LE Cong Dinh, Lawyer PHAN Thanh Hai (pen name ANH BA SAIGON) , Dr NGUYEN Quoc Quan, Blogger TA Phong Tan, Land rights advocate CAO Van Tinh, Engineer NGUYEN Tien Trung, Engineer and Columnist TRAN Huynh Duy Thuc, Engineer LE Thanh Long, Blogger NGUYEN Van Hai (pen name DIEU CAY), Blogger LU Van Bay, Journalist NGUYEN Van Khuong, Writer HO Thi Bich Khuong, Writer VI Duc Hoi, Internet writer NGUYEN Ba Dang, Land rights activist DUONG Au, Land rights activist NGUYEN Ngoc Cuong, Land rights petitioner PHAM Van Thong, Worker DOAN Huy Chuong, Worker NGUYEN Hoang Quoc Hung, Worker PHAM Thanh Nghien, Prominent legal activist PHUNG Lam, Former Officer of the People's Army TRAN Anh Kim, Member of the Vietnamese Party of Progress NGUYEN Thanh Phong, Members of the VietNam Populist Party : PHAM Thi Ngoc Phuong, Mr. PHUNG Quang Quyen, Innocent citizen LE Thi Kim Thu, Student NGUYEN Phuong Uyen , Student DINH Nguyen Kha...and people under house arrest like the most Venerable THICH Quang Do, Dr NGUYEN Dan Que, Mrs. BUI Thi Minh Hang.....On may 13, 2013 two innocent patriotic students, NGUYEN Phuong Uyen and DINH Nguyen Kha were given a six-year and eight-year sentence respectively after summary trials before the Court of Vietnamese Communist in Long An (South VietNam). They were jointly charged with handing out leaflets which according to the indictment were ‘’humiliating the Vietnamese communist regime’’. After their prison term these two young students will be put under house arrest for a period of three years.

- Insist that the R.S.V.N. respects its own laws and the international laws;

- Exert pressure on the R.S.V.N. so that it allows a multiparty system and a real democracy (with free and general elections supervised by international bodies) and that it complies with the "Universal Declaration of Human Rights" and the "International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights" that it has ratified.

If, despite your renewed intervention, the R.S.V.N could not prove any improvement of the fate of its citizens, the international community should then implement severe sanctions:

- Either prosecute RSVN  and the Vietnamese Communist Party with the International Penal Court of Justice at La Haye, the Penal Courts of Justice in Belgium, Afghanistan and Spain, either help the Provisional National Government of VietNam and the Committee for Prosecution of Crimes of War and Crimes against Mankind (included genocides), perpetrated by the Vietnamese Communists.

- See to the condemnation of this government and this party par the UNO Council of Human Rights, and the European Parliament.

 - Expel the RSVN from the UNO and the ASEAN, because of their non-application of the ‘UNO Charter’.

 - Interrupt its diplomatic and trade relations with the R.S.V.N,

- Support the formation of a Government of National Unity in Vietnam (comprising the representatives of the 90 million Vietnamese residing in the country and abroad) to replace the current government, totalitarian, murderous and undemocratic. Given his acts of barbarians, his crimes and his defiance of the international community, the Government of RSVN does not deserve to remain a member of the United Nations or the ASEAN.

The people of South Viet Nam formerly lived under the regime of the Republic of Viet Nam. This government respected human rights, freedom, democracy, and during 20 years offered the population in South Vietnam happiness and prosperity.

Let’s recall that the Republic of Vietnam had been offered the help of more than 200 countries from the free world (United States of America, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Great-Britain …). The allied armies (USA, Australia, Canada, Thailand, Philippines …) and then valiantly fought and united their forces with the Vietnamese Republic Army, to fight against the international expansion of communism and communist atheism, particularly cruel and inhuman.

If the USA, France, UNO, European Parliament, Vatican, ASEAN and other countries had not abandoned Viet Nam and the Republic of Viet Nam to their own fate, the Communist International and the Vietnamese communists wouldn’t have transgressed the two Treaties on Vietnam (the Treaty of Paris, and the Treaty of Geneva). As a result, the Vietnamese communists and their comrades of the Communist International have illegally invaded South Viet Nam, causing much sorrow and savagely slaughtering millions of people in the North and South Vietnam, there being no reaction from the USA and the countries of the free world, particularly those who had signed these two Treaties.

For the USA, France, UNO, European Parliament, Vatican, and ASEAN and for all the allies of the Republic of Vietnam, none would be the proper time to react, and help the Republic of Vietnam and the Vietnamese people. Taking appropriate measures, it would allow enhancing the prestige of the Republic of Vietnam, of the Free World countries, and bringing back a climate of confidence between all these parties.

Should UNO, the European Parliament, Vatican, ASEAN and the countries of the free world not act rapidly, should they keep indifferent when facing these odious crimes, the Vietnamese people would then be extremely disappointed and absolutely downcast. This would be considered as complicity from the International Community, which implicitly would allow the continuation of the crimes perpetrated by the Vietnamese communist authorities, their inhuman brutality, arbitrary increase of terrorism, repression, torture, detention of innocent civilians and religious persecutions. This would mean that the International Community implicitly allows China to invade Viet Nam, with the complicity of the Viet Nam communist authorities. Let us warn the International Community about the dangers such a situation would induce: a continuous expansion of China, which would continue to invade the countries of South-eastern Asia ((VIETNAM, LAOS, CAMBODIA, MYANMAR, PHILIPPINES, THAILAND, MALAYSIA, SINGAPORE, INDONESIA, SOUTH KOREA, JAPAN...), thus causing insecurity in the world.

We firmly believe that you are the great leaders, lucid, kindness and respect for the law. You are the idol of millions of people on Earth; obviously you have honor and dignity. It is hard to accept if you are helping and dealing with the ruling authorities who ordered police to beat and persecute innocent people, and insult women. I write this letter to ask you for the righteousness of those innocent Vietnamese people who are being insulted, persecuted and gradually worn out by the so called "Vietnamese authorities" whom you are dealing with.

Currently, the so-called Vietnamese Communists "authorities" have been showing the delinquency as a mafia crime gang. The peaceful innocent Vietnamese people are calling out for you, the leaders for help. Hopefully you have a heart to respond for them.

We have filed a lawsuit over the ICC (International Criminal Court) authorities to demand the prosecution of crimes of 19 pernicious Vietnamese Communists leaders, including the ones that are ruling the so-called Socialist Republic of Vietnam. With the integrity of justice, I would like to make sure all the insincere Vietnamese Communists will be appropriately punished for those crimes that they have been violated.

We also sent this alert letter to all the leaders around the world and we sincerely hope you to rethink before deciding to trade or help out the so-called Socialist Republic of Vietnam which is suspect criminal to mankind. The Provisional National Government of Vietnam and its people always hope and expect your kindness to bring about Peace and the light of Justice to this country.

I hope you can grant an audience with me as the Prime Minister of Provitional National Government of Vietnam, who is designated by three generations of Vietnam in 1990 and has three official U.S. Presidents and European Union contacts. 

Your help is highly valued. We hope that one day it will enable the Vietnamese people to live in dignity and Vietnam to become a civilized nation, free, democratic and part of the free world. We deeply rely on your understanding and kind attention.

Please accept, Mr. President of the European Parliament, the expression of our very respectful and grateful feelings.

Prime Minister

 Đào Minh Quân